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Smoak Law, P.C. is a family & divorce law firm in Salt Lake City, that stipulates that a maintenance obligation from the ex-partner may arise from a marriage or registered partnership. This means that after a divorce you may be required to pay a benefit to your ex-partner or you may be entitled to it. Whether this is the case depends, among other things, on the capacity, needs, and needs of those involved. A few crucial questions arise from this. When is an ex-partner in need, for example? How is it determined whether someone has enough capacity to pay spousal support law firm in Cedar City? Which costs are taken into account? This blog explains when an obligation to pay partner alimony arises and how the amount is calculated.

Need versus capacity When assessing whether a person is entitled to alimony maintenance and when determining the amount, the needs of the (potential) recipient of the alimony, the person entitled to maintenance or maintenance, and the capacity of the person who should pay it, the maintenance or maintenance debtor, weighed against each other. The partner with the highest income usually provides alimony to the less fortunate partner. Need Determining the need is custom work. The court, therefore, takes all relevant facts and circumstances into account when determining the need.  You’ll need to get in contact with a Salt Lake City family law attorney.

A rule of thumb is generally used to estimate the needs of those entitled to maintenance globally. The net disposable family income is taken as the starting point. This rule of thumb is sometimes referred to as the Court standard. However, if the person is liable for maintenance disputes that this Court Standard must be applied, the maintenance creditor must still make the need clear by means of a so-called requirement list. Requirements calculation The net disposable family income is understood to mean the income from work, benefits and/or assets minus the taxes on this income of both partners at the time of the marriage.

The own share of the costs for children is deducted from this net disposable family income if there are children. The remaining amount is then divided by half and increased by 20%. The idea behind this increase is that living alone is more expensive than living together. In fact, it means that the need for one of the partners is 60% of the net family income, An important comment that should be made with the above calculation is that a maintenance obligation only exists if the partner in question cannot provide for his own living expenses. The income from work, for example, is therefore deducted from this need.

Neediness If the partner in question has no income, the court takes into account the ability of the person in question to earn income. This includes training, work experience, the time needed to look for work, the health and care of children in Cedar City. There is a need if the person entitled to maintenance cannot or cannot fully provide for his own livelihood. Read more here about the factors that play a role in determining need.

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