Spousal Support Attorney Located in Cedar City

Spousal support and child support are vastly different. For starters spousal support is only paid to one spouse and sometimes child support is paid on top of that specifically for the child. Spousal support and child support are calculated differently as well in Cedar City. There will need to be two separate filings if you need both child support and spousal support assistance since they are not the same thing. Smoak Law, P.C. Cedar City family law firm can help explain the different even further when you set up an initial consultation. Having this initial free consultation can be so helpful for your case. It gives you the chance to tell the attorney your side of the story and why you think you need spousal support, or why you think your ex is asking for too much spousal support. If you want the proper spousal support representation then you need to hire Smoak Law, P.C.


There is this common thought that spousal support is only ever paid to the wife and that in any marriage spousal support is awarded. This is not true. There are marriages that they were not together long enough or they paid made about the same amount of money and therefore spousal support is not necessary. There are other marriages where Cedar City spousal support attorneys have seen the ex-husband be granted alimony because the wife made significantly more than he did.  There is no clear cut way for spousal support to be awarded, your best bet for understanding this better is to contact Smoak Law, P.C. Cedar City’s best family law firm. They can help you determine if your marriage qualified for spousal support and if it is worth you fighting for.

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