A Violent Crimes Attorney in Portland

If you have been charged with a violent crime in Portland, it is important to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can protect your rights and ensure that you receive the best possible outcome in your case. Violent crimes are serious offenses that can carry significant penalties, including prison time, so it is crucial to have an attorney who will aggressively defend you.


At the criminal law firm Mark C. Cogan, P.C in Portland, they have extensive experience defending clients against all types of violent crime charges, including assault, battery, domestic violence, and homicide. They understand the serious nature of these charges and will put in the work to build a strong defense on your behalf. They will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case and work tirelessly to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed.


If you have been accused of a violent crime in Portland, contact the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Mark C. Cogan, P.C right away to schedule a free consultation. They will review your case and help you understand your legal options so that you can make the best decisions for your future. This law firm has among the best Portland violent crimes lawyers.


Which crimes are considered to be violent crimes?


Violent crimes are generally defined as those offenses that involve the threat or use of force against another person. This can include anything from assault and battery to homicide. In Oregon, some of the most common violent crimes that people are charged with include:



Assault and battery

Domestic violence



and others.

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