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What do you need to bring with you to a criminal defense consultation?


When you come to a criminal defense consultation with a Raleigh criminal defense lawyer, it is important that you bring certain documents and information with you. This will help your attorney get a better understanding of your situation and advise you more effectively on what your next steps should be.


Before coming to the appointment, make sure to do the following:


– Gather all relevant documents related to your legal matter and bring them with you. This should include any court notices, police reports, charge sheets, witness statements, etc.


– Bring a list of questions and concerns that you would like to discuss during the consultation.


– Write down the contact information for any witnesses, law enforcement officers, or other people involved in the case.


– Have a timeline of events leading up to your case and any intervening circumstances that may have occurred since then.


– Be prepared to discuss any medical history, psychiatric evaluations, transcripts from prior court cases, or any other evidence you believe could be helpful in defending your case.


Coming to a criminal defense consultation prepared with all the necessary documents and information will help your Raleigh lawyer understand the complexities of your case better and provide you with sound advice on how to proceed. It’s also important that you show any evidence as soon as possible since time is often of the essence in these matters. Coming to your meeting prepared will allow Roberts Law Group, LLC a criminal defense law firm in Raleigh the best strategy to help you.


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