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The Morgan Law Group, P.A is a Naples insurance law firm. The law is subdivided according to the underlying insurance relationship into the private insurance law (also: individual insurance law) on the one hand, which regulates the legal relations around contracts between insurant and insurer and belongs to civil law in Naples. On the other hand, the term “insurance law” also includes the social security law, in which the insurance relationship by law between the policyholder and a social security institution arises (eg statutory health insurance, statutory accident insurance, statutory pension insurance).

If one speaks of insurance law, however, private insurance law is usually meant. Individual insurance law / private insurance law is divided into three areas: insurance contract law, insurance supervisory law, and insurance company law. Speak with a Naples insurance law firm like The Morgan Law Group, P.A.

The insurance contract law governs the legal relationship between the insured and the insurance company, the so-called insurer. The legal basis is mainly the flood insurance claims attorney Naples, which contains predominantly contractual obligations. In contrast to social security law, the insurance relationship with private insurance law does not come about by law, but by a contract that requires two consensual declarations of intent. The contract content is recorded in the so-called insurance policy (also: insurance certificate).

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