A Portland Drug Crimes Attorney

If you are ever charged with any type of criminal charge you will want to be certain that you hire a Portland criminal lawyer. This is because in any criminal case there is so much that goes into it, and criminal charges can determine the rest of your life. If you were charged with any type of drug related charged you will want to get a Portland drug crimes attorney as soon as you can. Getting a lawyer sooner than lawyer will be the most helpful. That way they can represent you in the best way possible. If they are there from the beginning of your case until the end it means the representation you will have is consistent and knows every fact about the case, which could give you better results.


The main point of a drug crimes attorney is to help lower your penalties, getting a lesser fee, getting little to no jail time, and keeping this accusation off your permanent record. All are very important things to protect your future. When you have a lawyer from Mark C. Cogan, P.C. a criminal law firm in Portland. They will make sure you fully understand all of your rights even has a convicted person of a drug crime. They will also be realistic with you, to ensure there are no surprises about potential outcomes. You will have the best representation, when you go with Mark C. Cogan, P.C.

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