Pedestrian Accident Attorney Las Cruces

Accidents involving pedestrians unfortunately are still very common. "Unprotected" road users, i.e. without belaying the car's body, airbags and seat belts, have little chance of getting out of the accident without harming their health, and their injuries are usually very serious. Check if you owe higher compensation The claims for compensation from the owner or their families from the vehicle owner's liability are usually high . But will they always get them? Law Offices of Kenneth G. Egan a Las Cruces personal injury law firm.


When can a pedestrian apply for a benefit and must he prove the driver's fault? Guilty pedestrian, innocent driver – it is not easy to prove! In accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code: the vehicle owner is liable for damage caused to pedestrians on a risk basis. This means that the driver will be in most cases responsible for the incident. Releasing the vehicle owner from the obligation to repair damage is possible in the event of one of the following conditions: occurrence of damage as a result of force majeure, sole fault of the aggrieved party or a third person for which the vehicle owner is not responsible. Remember that the aggrieved pedestrian does not have to prove the guilt of the vehicle driver. The proof of his innocence lies with the Las Cruces driver.

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