Florida Homeowner’s Claims

House fires are a tragedy that can take an emotional and physical toll on a homeowner. After a fire, a homeowner may be overwhelmed with the steps to take to start rebuilding their life. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous contractors may take advantage of this vulnerability by loading up the homeowner with high-priced repairs and unnecessary supplies to inflate claim settlement costs. In many cases, a homeowner may even be convinced to do repairs themselves which end up making the overall damages appear much worse than necessary. Unfortunately, this type of contractor may be difficult to detect before they have already taken advantage of a homeowner with a desperate situation.


A homeowner who suspects that their contractor is trying to inflate claim settlement costs should contact a homeowner claims attorney. A Florida homeowner claims lawyer specializes in helping their client get the best claim settlement that they can for the damages suffered following a home fire. The best way to stop an insurance company from being taken advantage of is by consulting with a professional and qualified homeowner claims attorney who will be able to point out potential problems before they begin, as well as help to lower the overall settlement amount.

During a house fire, it is important that homeowners not attempt to clean up or start repairs on their own. Many of these types of contractors will take advantage of this by encouraging the homeowner to do so and then make claims that appear much more extensive than necessary. It is best for homeowners doubtful of any contractor's claims to contact an attorney who can help investigate the situation, prevent further damage and guide their client through the claim settlement process.


After a house fire, it is always best for homeowners to consult with an experienced homeowner claims attorney so that they do not give up more than what they are entitled to. A reputable Florida insurance claims lawyer will provide homeowners with an impartial assessment of their situation and help to ensure that they get the claim settlement that they deserve.

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