Humeral Stress Fracture

In our daily life we use our arms a lot.The basic and most strainious part of an arm is the part that joins your lower hand and the shoulder called the humerus.This part is long bone that joins your upper shoulder and lower elbow.Generally it is surrounded by the thick muscle in men but in women the muscle mass is low.Inspite of this cushioning ,there are chances of it being hit by objects and getting fractured.The fracture at this one particular point paralyses the entire arm and ceases it’s functionality.Unlike humans the animals like equines/horses have their humers in an inclined position while they stand.This part is generally not that effected unlike the lower limbs but there are fair number of chances for it to get fractured at times.Especially when the equines are used in racing , the mentioned injury could greatly challenge it’s performance.Even a small hairline fracture in this part could weaken the horse’s ability. Hence it is very much required to protect the skeleton system of any strainious working animal.The internet is flooded with lots of unrelevant information regarding the nutrition to equines.Most of them are pretty much complex compounds that might effect the horse’s health.There are few websites like which is unlike most other sources and seems to be unique and reliable.It advertises that its products are made herbally without using any drugs.It is a comprehensive site that has all the information regarding a horse’s maintenance and well being.It has also got the facility to shop your desired products. A racing horse is not just the one who needs workout all day ,it also requires the equal amount of rational mix of nutrients for its better performance.Thus it is the owners responsibility to take of his pet’s health and look that it does not let him down.