Humeral Stress Fracture in Racehorses

Humerus is a long bone, connecting the Scapula and radius. Humeral stress fracture is more common in newcomer racehorses & also appears in those coming back for training after a layup. A stress fracture results when bone becomes fatigued and so in the case of humeral stress fracture.
It is difficult to detect during physical examination by only palpation as this bone is located in thick musculature. Pain during activity is the symptom. This pain subsides with rest. Horses show unwillingness to perform despite being in good body condition. Swelling also appears.
Radiography is used to detect and locate the actual position of Humeral fracture.
SynNutra Equine provides herbal products which maintains health of your horse’s bone. Fractures can be treated by surgical repairing or implants. These are difficult processes and usually done after considering chance of success and effect on horse. Ultrasonography is used to track the healing of bone after surgery.